Hayfever Treatment

Hay fever is very much seen as a 20th century disease. We are a very allergic generation, just see how many people that you know that have to take antihistamines on a regular basis during the summer months or even throughout the year.

Hay fever is an allergy affecting the nose and eyes; it is caused by a weakened immune system. Conventional treatment treats the symptoms but cannot change the immune system to stop patients suffering the allergic symptoms every year.

Hayfever pre-teatment

Hay Fever CalendarAs a practitioner I now look to start treating patients around late winter or early springtime, certainly before the hay fever season begins.

As part of the treatment schedule, I include a food allergy and chemical allergy test (please see allergy page) to identify possible intolerances that may be upsetting the patients body.

The patient is then prescribed a specific homeopathic medicine to start the process of building up the immune system. The patient is then monitored monthly as they go into the spring and summer to address any acute or active symptoms that may arise whereby they are prescribed medicines (if needed) to aid the body to eliminate those symptoms.

From many years experience of treating hay fever, I have found that even though it is not an immediate cure in the first year of treatment, the symptoms are greatly reduced therefore the patient may not need their conventional medications (less chemicals going into the system), they generally feel much better in themselves as their bodies are not in an allergic state all the time (this is very tiring for the body) and that they come out of their hay fever season a lot quicker than they would do normally if they continued using there normal antihistamine medication.

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