Homeopathy for Children

Over the years I have found that children do respond well to homeopathic treatment. I have treated children as young as a few days old presenting with infantile symptoms, pre-school children all the way up to teenagers and the problems and symptoms that they present with.

At the clinic we treat many conditions affecting all age groups of children including skin, respiratory, teething, constipation, diarrhoea, ear infections, glue ear, food intolerances, allergies, sleep problems, bedwetting, etc. etc.

The medicines are very gentle and cause no side effects even if they have to be taken for a period of time. They strengthen the child’s immune system as they are working within the body helping the child to become stronger on all levels of health.

If a parent suspects their child to be allergic, we advise that you see your health provider. Our energetic testing system Qest4 is used to identify suspected food intolerances and not severe allergic responses eg, anaphylactic response. This would require a medical test and not an energetic test. We can test children over the age of 5 years for skin, digestive, sleep, eating issues etc and treat using homeopathic medicines. Please see my Allergy Testing page.

If there are any conditions that I have not covered on this page, Please feel free to contact me.

All enquires and consultations are strictly confidential