Consultation - Fees

The first consultation is approximately one to one and a half hours long. During this time, I will need as much information as possible about your current and past health issues so that I can gain a clear understanding as to the reasons why you became ill in the first place and other factors that are contributing to your state of health.

If I assess that you would benefit from Qest4 testing then this will be performed during this appointment. After assessing the situation I then prescribe homeopathic medicines from my pharmacy with clear instructions as to how to administer them.

During the second appointment, this can be between two to four weeks later depending on the complaint we can assess the changes and how you have responded to the remedy. This appointment takes between 30 to 45 minutes. All patients respond to homeopathy differently depending on the nature of the illness that they want to be treated. Some respond quickly and therefore only need the minimum of appointments before being signed off. Others may have had their condition for a number of years so it takes time for the body to heal itself.

Homeopathy stimulates to patients own immune system to heal itself, the remedy only acts as a catalyst kick starting the healing process. Remember that all patients are different even though they present with the same illness, we treat the patient not the illness – homeopathic remedies help the patient to heal themselves.